The Equine Pioneer Collection artwork was brought to you by:


Concept Art – Visualizing our crazy ideas

Italo Gaspar

Janet Olguin Rodriguez


3D Art - Adding the extra dimension

Ariel Benatti

Dalton Tiepolo

 Emmily Reis

Igor Mandalla

Lucas Farias

Lucas Gomes

Matheus Paiva

Robson Adler

Rigging – Breathing life into Equine

Bruce Fábio

Music – Because every great game needs an amazing soundtrack



Quinn - Our lovely mascot


Special Thanks - For contributions

Anton Bulakh

Brandon D'Rozario

Brunno Quartarone

Daniel Silva

Lucas Contin

Roland Szattler


We are grateful to have been able to work with such a talented team to help us realize our vision of what Equine should look and sound like - and look forward to bringing to everyone more beautiful creations.