Equine NFT Game Launch Plan

June, 15 2023

We are excited to share the details of our highly anticipated game launch plan that will take players on a thrilling journey into the world of virtual horse racing. As we prepare for the official release, we have outlined four key steps that will ensure a smooth and engaging gameplay experience for all our users.

Step 1: Closed-Beta Transition to Indexer & Testnet Version

Our current closed-beta phase is undergoing a significant transformation. In Step 1, we are switching the closed-beta to utilise the indexer and testnet version of the game. This transition allows us to fine-tune the game mechanics and performance using a dedicated test environment.

During this phase, all participants will have testnet wallets that grant them access to specially designed testnet horses. These horses are separate from the prestigious Pioneer Horse Collection, ensuring a fair and controlled testing environment.

Step 2: Internal Testing Phase by Equine Team

Step 2 brings us closer to perfecting the game as our skilled Equine Team embarks on an internal testing phase. They will rigorously examine the game’s features, functionalities, and overall performance.

This crucial step ensures that the game meets the highest standards of quality and offers an immersive racing experience.

Step 3: Opening Closed Beta to a Bigger Group

As we progress towards the official racing launch, Step 3 marks an exciting milestone. We will expand the closed beta to include a larger and select group of testers. These dedicated participants will receive compatible testnet horses explicitly designed for the closed beta phase.

We will keep the entire community updated during this stage, sharing insights, addressing concerns, and incorporating valuable feedback to enhance the gameplay.

Step 4: Open to the Public for the Official Racing Launch

Finally, we arrive at Step 4, the moment racing enthusiasts have been eagerly waiting for—the official racing launch. This phase will be open to the public and represents a major update to the game. While it will still be an open beta, it will operate on the main net, providing players with a truly immersive and authentic experience. All horses can be activated, age, and participate in races as the game reaches its first major milestone.

Join us as we embark on this incredible journey, where virtual horse racing comes to life. Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the starting line.


In conclusion, our game launch plan is progressing well, bringing us closer to delivering an immersive virtual horse racing experience. With a clear roadmap and thorough testing, we aim to exceed expectations and create an enjoyable game for all players. Stay tuned as we approach the official racing launch and prepare to ignite the passion for equine competition worldwide.

Disclaimer: All information provided above is subject to change as we continue to refine and enhance the game based on feedback and testing.

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