Introducing Equine NFT Skins Collections

July, 12 2023


Equine NFT introduces an innovative game that not only offers exhilarating races but also provides a wide range of customisation options to make your equines truly unique. Among these captivating features, the Equine Pioneer Skins Collection stands out, enabling players to transform their Horse NFTs and Jockey NFTs into visually stunning creations. These additions inject a sense of fun into the ultra-realistic horse racing experience without impacting the race’s outcome.

With Equine, inspired by real-life horse racing and infused with imaginative and entertaining elements, we have considered the desires of genuine horse racing enthusiasts. If you simply desire the excitement of racing your horse alongside traditionally designed jockeys and horses on a standard racetrack, you can effortlessly switch to this mode with the press of a button.

The Equine NFT Pioneer Skins Collection

One of the most iconic and sought-after collections in the Equine NFT universe is the Pioneer Skins Collection. These skins represented the foundation of customisation options and were released as part of the bundle with the Pioneer Horse and Jockey during a limited 24-hour sale in December 2021. The Pioneer Collection sets the standard for innovation and artistic expression, capturing the essence of Equine NFT’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of customisation.

These skins bring an added layer of excitement and fun to the racing experience. They allow players to personalize their jockeys and racehorses, creating a unique visual identity that reflects their style and preferences. The ability to customise with skins adds a touch of individuality and creative expression, fostering a sense of ownership and pride in one’s virtual stable.

It’s important to note, however, that while these skins add a unique visual flair to the racing experience, they do not have any influence on the actual outcome of the races. The true determinants of success remain the inherent abilities, skills, and strategies of the jockeys and racehorses.

Horse Skins: Unleash the Extraordinary

Transform your horse into an extraordinary creature with a variety of Horse Skins available in the Equine NFT collection. Choose from a range of stunning options, including the majestic Arabian Horse, the adventurous Astronaut Horse, the striking Zebra, the powerful Shire, the vibrant Turquoise, the elegant Friesian, the mighty Belgian Draft, and the enigmatic Onyx. Each Horse Skin brings its distinctive charm, allowing your equine companion to become a true reflection of your imagination and style on the racetrack.

Jockey Skins: Character and Style

The Equine NFT Jockey Skins offer a plethora of options to transform your jockey’s appearance into a character of your choosing. Step into the world of imagination with skins like Skater, Athlete, Musician, Robot, Business Person, and Lounge Wear. Whether you want your jockey to exude a rebellious skateboarding vibe, showcase their athletic prowess, rock out on the racetrack, embrace futuristic technology, exude professionalism, or relax in style, these skins let you curate a jockey persona that suits your taste and racing style.

Deluxe Skins: Perfect Coordination

Take customisation to the next level with Deluxe Skins, where both your horse and jockey are transformed into perfectly coordinated duos that leave a lasting impression on the racing circuit. Embrace the dark side with the Skeleton Horse and Jockey skin, unleash a burst of colour with the Rainbow Horse and Jockey skin, embrace the mystique of the Demon Horse and Jockey, or ride on the wings of fantasy with the Unicorn Horse and Jockey. These Deluxe Skins create a mesmerising visual spectacle, capturing the imagination of onlookers and solidifying your place as a racing trailblazer.

Quinn Skins

Cowboy Quinn became the first jockey skin since the pioneer collection, which debuted at the CNFTCon event in Las Vegas in October 2022. To celebrate our visit to the US, Quinn wore his cowboy hat in this unique skin. This skin was a part of physical bundle, together with a Quinn plushie that sold out from our booth very quickly. As an icon for the Equine community, Quinn holds a special place in the community’s hearts. You will see other Quinn skins in the future, and don’t be afraid to share your ideas with us on the Equine discord server.

Festive Skins on the Horizon

As Equine NFT continues to captivate the racing community with its innovative skins collections, we released the Santa and Reindeer Deluxe Skin as the first of our festive offerings last Christmas. In our commitment to bringing joy and excitement to our players, we have exciting plans to release more delightful and enchanting skins in the future, each perfectly tailored to celebrate special occasions and holidays. Stay tuned for upcoming festivities as we unveil a range of festive skins that will add a touch of magic and wonder to your virtual horse racing experience.


In conclusion, Equine NFT’s skins collections have transformed the virtual horse racing landscape, pushing the boundaries of customisation. From the diverse collection of Horse Skins, captivating Jockey Skins, and perfectly coordinated Deluxe Skins, Equine NFT offers opportunities for personalisation and self-expression. Embark on an exhilarating racing journey where imagination knows no bounds and experience the unparalleled thrill of Equine NFT’s skins collections.

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