Policy IDs

Policy ID is a key identifier for any NFT available on Cardano. Bad actors can take the content of the NFT and mint a fake but they can't fake the policy ID.

This is why you should always check policy ID when purchasing or trading NFTs.

You can find policy IDs for all Equine releases here.

Pioneer collection
Horses: 30ed3d95db1d6bb2c12fc5228a2986eab4553f192a12a4607780e15b
Jockeys: 23a000a839f04bb71b59b4ae74bf8cf5ed21ee0be520690e665ae4b4  
Skins: 22d843e9e8b39d105c645944cc848abee2673d64e60f1f022791ec85


Poster 1: 1ffdf6c98ac7fd8629631bd16c44198b86a9f469760dc5deb5762f61