Get your horses and jockeys to participate in live races for a chance to win great prizes


Breed your horse with another to produce a brand new horse offspring


Trade, buy, and sell Equine horses, jockeys, and skins in our Marketplace.


Get Ready to Mint: The Equine First Pioneer Pass – Exclusive NFTs and Perks to Celebrate the First Activated Horses!

The Equine First Pioneer Pass

Equine First Pioneer Pass and Sale FAQ: Everything You Need to Know!

FAQ for The Equine First Pioneer Pass

Exploring the Physical and Mental Stats of Equine NFT Horses for Optimal Performance

Equine NFT horses come with a wide range of physical and mental stats that contribute to their overall performance in virtual racing and breeding. While physical stats like speed, stamina, acceleration, endurance, and agility are visible and measurable, the mental stats of wisdom, determination, and courage are hidden and require careful observation of your horse’s […]

Lifecycle: Ageing of Equine NFT Horses

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Equine NFT and take charge of your majestic horse’s entire life cycle, from birth to retirement. Manage all aspects of your horse’s life, including the decision to race, breed, or trade. With a lifespan of 18 months, each horse year is equivalent to one month in the game. […]

Interview with Creator of Lovelace Downs EquineNFT Fan Game

A conversation with Eustacia about the engaging horse racing fan game he created for owners of Equine Pioneer Horses. Eustacia created Lovelace Downs in early 2022, which is now played by the Equine Community daily. The fan game has been such a big hit that horse owners have been able to name, learn about their […]


Equine stables are officially open! Now you can view all your horses and jockeys, partying up in your stable with their super cool skins.

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Purchase at least one Equine horse to open the doors to your very own stable. Every additional horse or jockey you own will be homed and viewable here.


Each Equine horse is unique—born with a unique combination of colors and markings; as well as innate stats within their DNA that determines their natural racing styles and potential.


Every jockey has their own racing style, and it is up to you to pair the right jockey that best complements your horse’s racing abilities. The right jockey knows how to handle your horse, and how to motivate it to perform better. Currently, there are 10 different jockeys available for purchase.


While each horse and jockey are unique in their looks, you can make them stand out even more with Equine skins. Ranging from themed or seasonal to just downright cool skins, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

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