Exploring the Physical and Mental Stats of Equine NFT Horses for Optimal Performance

April, 10 2023

Equine NFT horses come with a wide range of physical and mental stats that contribute to their overall performance in virtual racing and breeding. While physical stats like speed, stamina, acceleration, endurance, and agility are visible and measurable, the mental stats of wisdom, determination, and courage are hidden and require careful observation of your horse’s performance. These characteristics are encoded in their DNA and can be influenced by various factors such as ageing, training, and jockey pairing.

While some players will enjoy racing their horses for the thrill of the game, others will focus on monitoring their horse’s physical and mental stats to optimise their performance. Ageing, training, and jockey pairing can all play a role in a horse’s stats, so it’s crucial to pay attention to these factors. By doing so, owners can enhance their horse’s chances of success in virtual racing and breeding, making the most out of their Equine NFT horse.

Physical Stats

Equine NFT horses possess a range of physical stats that are encoded in their DNA and can be influenced by various factors such as training, breeding, and the choice of jockey. There are five physical stats that can significantly impact a horse’s performance: speed, stamina, acceleration, endurance, and agility. Each of these stats plays a unique role in a horse’s racing ability and can be improved through targeted training and development. As an owner or breeder in the Equine platform, understanding these physical stats is crucial for optimising your horse’s performance on the virtual track.

5 Physical stats of Equine NFT Horses


Speed is a physical stat that determines the maximum velocity at which a horse can gallop. A horse’s maximum speed is determined by its physical ability to cover ground quickly and efficiently.

Factors such as stride length, frequency, and biomechanics all contribute to a horse’s speed in real-life. A racehorse with a high maximum speed can cover a given distance in a shorter amount of time, which can be the difference between winning or losing a race.

In addition, a horse’s speed is crucial in determining its position in a race. The faster a horse can run, the more likely it is to take an early lead or make up ground in the later stages of a race.


Stamina refers to the amount of energy a horse has available during a race. Horses with high stamina stats can maintain a steady pace over long distances such as the Belmont Stakes, which is the longest race in the Triple Crown series and requires horses to run 1.5 miles (12 furlongs).

In addition to enabling a horse to maintain a consistent pace, stamina also affects their recovery time. Horses with high stamina are less likely to experience fatigue or exhaustion.

Horses with high stamina stats can conserve energy, allowing them to finish strong and potentially overtake their competitors. Stamina plays a less important role in sprint races.


A horse with high acceleration can quickly gain ground on its competitors and take the lead. This is particularly important in shorter races, such as sprints, especially when paired with a high speed stat. It plays a key role in a horse’s ability to manoeuvre around other horses during a race.

A horse with good acceleration can quickly move into a better position, avoid traffic, and make strategic moves that give it an edge over its competitors. This is especially important in crowded races, where horses need to be able to change lanes and jostle for position.

A horse with excellent acceleration can quickly gain an advantage and move ahead of its competitors, even after hitting a bad patch, a turn or getting slowed down by other competitors on the racetrack. This ability can be especially important in races with tight finishes, where fractions of a second can determine the winner.


Endurance is the rate at which a horse’s stamina recovers, making it a crucial factor in horse racing. This is important in real-life horse racing, as it allows horses to conserve energy and finish strongly. A horse with high endurance is capable of maintaining a steady pace throughout a race without slowing down or tiring out because these horses can handle the effects of lactic acid better. This is important because the longer a race is, the more energy the horse will need to expend. A horse with poor endurance may be forced to slow down or even stop entirely before the end of a race, resulting in a poor performance.


Horses with high agility can quickly adapt to different track conditions, giving them an advantage over their competitors. Agility is the horse’s ability to handle adverse track conditions, such as tight turns or uneven terrain.

Wet and muddy tracks can make it more difficult for a horse to maintain its footing and balance, which can affect its ability to make quick and sharp turns. On the other hand, dry and hard tracks can be tough on a horse’s joints and can cause them to tire more quickly, which can also affect their agility.

Horses with a high agility stat can navigate challenging tracks with ease, making them an excellent choice for races with difficult terrain.

Mental Stats

Mental stats are a crucial aspect of Equine NFT racing, and they play a significant role in a horse’s success on the track. While these stats are innate to a horse’s DNA, they can be developed through ageing and enhanced through jockey pairing. With a combination of strong physical and mental abilities, a horse can become a champion in the world of Equine NFT racing.

3 Mental Stats of Equine NFT Horses


Horses with higher levels of wisdom are able to make intelligent decisions during races, such as pacing themselves effectively. This skill allows them to maintain their speed and energy over longer distances, giving them an advantage over horses who may exhaust themselves too soon. In short, a horse’s wisdom is key to its ability to pace itself effectively and finish strong.


Determination enables horses to handle setbacks and remain focused during races. Horses with high levels of determination do not easily give up, even if they fall behind or encounter obstacles on the track such as a difficult track condition or a challenging competitor. They keep pushing forward, using all their energy to catch up and overtake their opponents. This mental attribute is especially important in highly competitive races, where horses that lack determination may falter when faced with challenges.


A courageous horse is one that is confident, willing to take on challenges, and able to trust its rider or handler to lead it through difficult situations. They can remain calm under pressure and stay committed to the race, even if they are surrounded by other horses. They will have the mental strength to push through any challenges and obstacles, and maintain their pace and stride until the very end especially if they have a high determination stat. In races where the horses are running in close proximity, such as in a pack or during tight turns, a horse’s courage can make all the difference.


In conclusion, the world of Equine NFT racing is a complex and fascinating one, with a wide range of physical and mental stats that contribute to a horse’s performance on the virtual track. Owners and breeders should understand the five main physical stats, including speed, stamina, acceleration, endurance, and agility, and use targeted training, breeding and jockey selection to optimise their horse’s abilities. Similarly, they should pay attention to the horse’s innate mental stats, such as wisdom and determination, to ensure they make intelligent decisions during races and stay focused in the face of adversity. With the right combination of physical and mental attributes, Equine NFT horses can become champions on the virtual track.

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