Exploring the Six Personality Types of Equine NFT Jockey’s

June, 7 2023

Each jockey can exhibit any of the six personality types (wise, determined, brave, tempered, visionary, steadfast)

In the fast-paced world of Equine NFT, the partnership between a jockey and a horse is not just a matter of chance but an edge that can determine the outcome of thrilling races. With the introduction of the groundbreaking Equine Pioneer Jockey Collection, the power to elevate your horse’s performance has been placed firmly in your hands.

By carefully selecting the jockey whose traits align with your racing strategy, you can unlock the full potential of your horses and forge an unstoppable team. It’s time to seize the reins, make thoughtful choices, and watch your jockey-horse partnerships conquer the digital racetrack. As the saying goes, “Good pairs make great races,” and understanding the impact of a jockey’s personality on their equine companion becomes an essential element in pursuing victory.

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What are the six personality types that all jockeys can exhibit?

Jockeys bring a unique blend of personalities to the track, each encompassing one of six distinct personality types: wise, determined, brave, tempered, visionary, and steadfast. These personality types can be exhibited by any jockey, adding depth and complexity to the dynamic between jockey and horse. Whether it’s the accumulated experience and strategic decision-making of a wise jockey, the unwavering commitment and resilience of a determined jockey, or the exceptional courage and fearlessness of a brave jockey, the personality traits of these jockeys have a direct impact on their equine companions’ performance. Understanding and harnessing the power of these personality types can unlock the full potential of jockey-horse partnerships and pave the way for thrilling victories on the digital racetrack.


In the context of a jockey, a wise personality refers to an individual who has accumulated years of racing experience and knowledge. This jockey has honed their skills and gained deep insights into the intricacies of horse racing. Their wisdom stems from practical experience, understanding of race dynamics, and familiarity with different race tracks.

A wise personality allows the jockey to make informed decisions and strategic choices during races. They can anticipate and react to various situations on the track, leveraging their extensive knowledge to guide the horse effectively. The jockey’s wisdom enhances the horse’s wisdom by utilising their expertise to bring out the best in the equine. This could include factors such as optimal pacing, the timing of moves, or reading the competition.

In essence, a wise jockey contributes to the horse’s overall performance by leveraging their accumulated experience and knowledge, increasing their wisdom mental stat.


A determined personality signifies an unwavering commitment and a strong sense of purpose when referring to a jockey. This jockey possesses a relentless mindset and an unyielding drive to succeed. Their determination serves as a catalyst for the horse’s determination and motivation during races.

With a determined jockey at the reins, the horse is inspired and encouraged to push beyond its limits, give its all and strive for victory. The jockey’s relentless pursuit of success instils a sense of purpose and resilience in the horse, motivating it to perform at its best and overcome any challenges it may face on the race track.

The jockey’s unwavering resolve is a guiding force, channelling their determination into the horse’s performance. This may manifest in various ways, such as maintaining focus, executing strategic manoeuvres, or encouraging the horse during crucial moments. The jockey’s determination is a source of inspiration and guidance for the horse, fuelling its competitive spirit and increasing its overall determination mental stat.


A brave personality in the context of a jockey refers to someone who possesses exceptional courage, fearlessness, and a willingness to take risks in the face of challenges or obstacles. The fearless mindset of a brave jockey shines through in their decision-making on the racetrack. With exceptional courage and a willingness to take risks, they seize opportunities, make bold moves, and navigate tight spaces. Their fearlessness allows for daring overtakes and composure under pressure.

The jockey’s unwavering bravery serves as an inspiration for the horse, instilling a sense of fearlessness and determination within it. The horse becomes more willing to take on challenges, push its limits, and perform at its best despite adversity. Having a brave jockey guiding them, the horse gains a boost in the mental stat of courage.


A tempered personality refers to a jockey with a balanced blend of bravery and cleverness. This unique combination allows them to harness the wisdom and courage of the horse they are riding strategically and effectively. With their brightness, they can analyse the situation on the track and make intelligent decisions that capitalise on the horse’s inherent wisdom.

Additionally, their bravery enables them to take calculated risks, pushing the boundaries of their horse companion’s courage. The tempered jockey understands how to utilise and boosts slightly the horse’s wisdom and courage mental stats.


The visionary jockey is a true master of strategy and innovation on the racetrack. With exceptional foresight and strategic thinking, they stay ahead of the competition. They anticipate race dynamics, make informed decisions, and identify opportunities and challenges.

By having a visionary jockey guiding them, the horse gains access to valuable insights and guidance during races. The jockey’s ability to anticipate and navigate the race effectively enhances the horse’s wisdom, enabling it to make smarter decisions and adapt to changing circumstances on the track.

Moreover, the visionary jockey’s commitment and strategic mindset inspire and elevate the horse’s determination. The horse feeds off the jockey’s focused and determined approach, channelling that energy into its performance. The horse becomes more resolute, driven, and motivated to give its best, resulting in slightly increased determination and wisdom mental stats.


The steadfast jockey’s unbreakable spirit, determination and resilience are sources of inspiration for the horse they are riding. The jockey’s unwavering determination and resilience become infectious, influencing the horse to exhibit increased courage and determination during races.

The steadfast jockey’s unwavering commitment and relentless pursuit of excellence directly impact the horse’s performance. The horse draws motivation from the jockey’s resolute mindset, channelling that energy into its actions on the racetrack. This leads to heightened courage, as the horse becomes more willing to face challenges head-on and push its limits for success.

The jockey’s steadfast personality contributes to the horse’s slightly increased determination and courage mental stats.


As players immerse themselves in the thrilling realm of Equine NFT virtual horse racing, the significance of the jockey-horse pairing becomes ever more apparent. Carefully selecting a compatible jockey for the right race can elevate a horse’s mental skills, channelling their potential towards legendary performances. Whether it be the wisdom of a seasoned jockey, the bravery of a fearless rider, the unwavering determination of a relentless competitor, the tempered approach of a strategic tactician, the visionary mindset of a forward-thinking innovator, or the steadfast spirit of an unyielding champion, the personality of the jockey plays a vital role in shaping the outcome of each race. So, dear players, embrace the power of pairing and embark on a thrilling journey to discover the perfect jockey that will unlock the full potential of your equine companion. Together, you strive for glory in the vibrant world of Equine NFT virtual horse racing.

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