Lifecycle: Ageing of Equine NFT Horses

March, 30 2023

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Equine NFT and take charge of your majestic horse’s entire life cycle, from birth to retirement. Manage all aspects of your horse’s life, including the decision to race, breed, or trade. With a lifespan of 18 months, each horse year is equivalent to one month in the game. This immersive game provides players with a deep and complex experience that is not influenced by health issues. Get ready for a thrilling equine adventure!

The Life Cycle of an Equine NFT Horse

Overview of Ages

Equine NFT horses have a life cycle that begins at birth, except for the Pioneer horses. Pioneer horses are the first collection of Equine NFT horses and always start their lives at 2 years old. These horses are activated as two-year-olds when owners choose to use them in the game. However, any future horse not part of the Pioneer collection is a Non-Pioneer and can be obtained through breeding in which they will start their age from 0.

Once your Pioneer horse is activated, it will be at the appropriate age of two years old to participate in races. However, for breeding, the horse must be a minimum of three years old. On the other hand, Non-Pioneer horses cannot be raced until they reach two years old and must wait until they turn three years old to be used for breeding. It’s worth noting that all horses can continue racing until they reach the age of 18, after which they will pass away and become either a ghost or a commemorative statue if they have had a notable career achievement.

Growth Phase: 0 to 6 Years Old

The first 6 horse years, or “growth phase,” is a time when the horse grows quickly and the stats grow each year. Different horses may grow at different speeds, but owners can further reinforce the growth of their horse’s stats through training. At this stage, it may not be immediately obvious if a horse will be a middle-of-the-pack performer or a true champion.

Maturation Phase: 7 to 12 Years Old

From ages 7 to 12, or the “maturation phase,” the horse reaches its full biological potential and further growth may still be possible through focused training. This is the time when owners can use all they have learned about their horses and the game to achieve their best in races, or they may consider breeding their horse.

Senior Phase: 13 to 17 Years Old

After 12 horse years, the horse enters its senior phase. Its biological stats begin to decay, but it can still race, train, and breed. With the right strategies, a senior horse can still win in the right races.

Ghost Phase: 18 Years Old

At 18 horse years, all Equine horses will die. While this is a sad fact of life, it does not mean that the owners will lose their NFT. When a horse dies, it will turn into a ghost. However, if the horse was a high achiever, it will turn into a commemorative statue instead, serving as a trophy for its owners.


Overall, the life cycle of an Equine horse is an important aspect of the game and adds a layer of realism and depth to the experience. Owners have the opportunity to direct the future of their virtual horses as they progress through different stages of life, striving for success on the track or through breeding. While all horses will eventually reach the end of their lives, their legacies can live on through commemorative statues or through their offspring.

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